Keithley 8009 RESISTIVITY TEST FIXTURE w/ cable set

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Keithley 8009 RESISTIVITY TEST FIXTURE w/ cable set:
-Interlock cable (works with 6517A model but not 6517B)
-Triax cable, Banana leads, probe lead
-Keithley 237-ALG-2 cable (Triax to Aligator leads)

Product Overview

The Keithley Model 8009 is a guarded test fixture for measuring volume and surface resistivities. It assures good electrostatic shielding and high insulation resistance up to 1100V. The 8009 is designed for safe operation with the 6517A or 6517B. Opening the lid of the 8009 automatically turns off the 6517A or 6517B voltage source. The 8009 accommodates sheet samples from 64mm to 102mm (2½ to 4 in) in diameter and up to 3.2mm (1/8 in) thick. It maintains good sample contact with uniform pressure (from 6 to 10 lbs depending on thickness) on smooth parallel samples.

With the front panel switch on the 8009, toggle between volume and surface resistivity, with the 6517A or 6517B configured to calculate and display the appropriate result automatically. The 8009 permits direct measurement of volume resistivity up to 1018W-cm (on samples 0.1cm thick) and surface resistivity up to 1017W/square, in accordance with ASTM procedures.

  • Resistivity Test Fixture
  • Environmental Limits: Operating: –30° to +85°C, 65% R.H. up to 35°C, derate 3% R.H./°C above 35°C. Storage: –25° to +85°C
  • Dimensions: 108mm high × 165mm wide × 140mm deep (41/4 in × 6½ in × 5½ in)
  • Weight: 1.45kg (3.19 lbs)
  • For use with: 6487, 6517A, 6517B

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