Xantrex XTR40-21 Programmable DC Power Supply 40V, 21A

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Xantrex XTR40-21 Programmable DC Power Supply 40V, 21A

Product Overview

The XTR40-21 is the new standard for powerful, programmable DC power systems. Designed for test, production, laboratory, OEM and quality assurance applications, the XTR40-21 provides a wealth of features to ensure accuracy and greater efficiency. It puts clean, reliable power at your disposal and delivers stable, variable output voltage and current for a broad range of development, test and system requirements.

The XTR40-21 comes standard with USB 2.0, RS-232, RS-485, isolated and non-isolated analog interfaces to provide a comprehensive set of options to connect to a PC or other network device. This design provides the convenience of being able to accommodate a wide range of installation configurations.

Additional Features:

  • Voltage: 0-40V
  • Current: 0-21A
  • Power: 850W
  • Highest Power Density
  • Scalable, Multi-Unit Design
  • Multi-Channel Support
  • Straightforward Front Panel Controls
  • High Reliability

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