Wavetek (Datron) 1271 Digital Multimeter, 8 1/2 Digits w/ opt 20, 40, 80

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Wavetek (Datron) 1271 Digital Multimeter, 8 1/2 Digits w/ opt 20, 40, 80

Please note this unit can not measure ACv, DCi or ACi.  It's does not have the options.

Product Overview

The 1271 is an 8.5 Digit multimeter from WaveTek. A multimeter is an instrument used to test and measure alternating current (AC) or direct current (DC) voltage, resistance, and electric current. Multimeters combine voltmeters, ammeters, and ohmmeters. Electricians use multimeters to run diagnostics on batteries, switches, components, power sources, and motors.

Additional Features:

  • Configurable for DCV, ACV, DCI, ACI and Ohms measurement
  • ‘Selfcal’ for stability over a 0°C to 50°C temperature range
  • Simultaneous display of voltage and frequency — saving the cost of a separate frequency counter
  • High-speed AC measurements — 6½ digit readings at 20 readings/second
  • Comprehensive IEEE 488.2 interface
  • 1000 Fully Formatted 5½ Digit DC Readings/Second into Internal Memory
  • 20 High-Accuracy AC Readings/Second above 1 kHz
  • Extended Volt.Hz Envelope for High Voltage, High Frequency Signals
  • High Accuracy In-Circuit Ohms Measurements
  • Fully Traceable Measurement Over a Wide Operating Temperature Range


  • 8½-digit scale length with usable last digit resolution
  • Stable enough to replace standard cells; Much easier to use
  • 100% over-ranging maintains 10 GΩ, input impedance up to 20 V


  • Simultaneous readout of AC voltage/current and frequency saves the cost of an additional instrument in ATE systems
  • Three separate input channels save the cost of an external scanner and allow function-to-function ratio measurements
  • Special Ohms Functions Optional: 2/4-Wire Ohms eliminates errors due to lead resistance. True Ohms eliminates errors due to thermal emfs. LoI Ohms minimizes self-heating in PRTs and allows in-circuit measurements with diode junctions in parallel. Ohms Guard allows in-circuit resistance measurements and guards out leakage paths


  • Trade speed for resolution to optimize performance in every application
  • Monitor functions give instant access to measurement uncertainties and secondary measurement parameters
  • Math functions allow direct display of derived values
  • Access secondary functions using no more than two front-panel keystrokes, followed if necessary by simple numeric entry
  • Comprehensive self-test ensures maximum operability

The WaveTek Model 1271 is a true systems multimeter, capable of taking 1000 readings per second, operating over a wide ambient temperature range, and making in circuit measurements. Yet it’s more than accurate enough to satisfy the most demanding ATE requirements.

In addition to superb DC voltage capabilities, the Model 1271 features AC performance that is unsurpassed by any other systems DMM. Above 1kHz, it can take up to 20 high-accuracy 61/2-digit AC readings per second. And simultaneous measurement of the input signal frequency saves the cost of a separate frequency counter.

ATE systems often cause problems for high-accuracy DMMs because of the large temperature rise that can occur in equipment racks. Not so for the Model 1271.

Using its Selfcal feature, you can maintain full measurement accuracy at temperatures as high as 35°C, without losing traceability. And you only need to perform Selfcal every 30 days or when the ambient temperature shifts more than 5°C. Compare that to other precision systems DMMs that require an internal cal every 24 hours to maintain full specification.

The Model 1271 also excels at in-circuit testing. It's special Ohms functions allow accurate measurement of resistors even when they are part of complex resistor networks or when they have diode junctions in parallel. It's True-Ohms function eliminates thermal emfs and similar offset voltages in signal multiplexers. The availability of three separate input channels means that in many applications you won’t even need to use an external signal multiplexer.


    10 True RMS High Speed AC Converter
    12 True RMS AC Voltage, from 100nV to 1100V, DC & 1Hz to 1 MHz, optimized for high accuracy
    20 2 wire and 4 wire Resistance Converter
    30 Current Converter (only available with Option 20)
    40 Comprehensive Ratio providing two identical rear input channels, A & B
    80 115V, 60Hz Line Operation
    90 Rack Mounting Kit


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