LeCroy WaveAce 232, 300Mhz Digital Oscilloscope w/ 2 PP016 Probes

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LeCroy WaveAce 232, 300Mhz Digital Oscilloscope w/ 2 PP016 Probes, usb cable and a power cable

Product Overview

300 MHz,2 GS/s,2 ch,9 kpts/Ch,DSO with 5.7" Color Display.18 kpts,2 GS/s interleaved.50/1MOhm Input

WaveAce 300 MHz 2 Channel Digital Oscilloscope
WaveAce allows LeCroy to offer lower bandwidth, lower priced products that extend down to 40 MHz bandwidth
Color display on all models ? some competitive products offer only black and white
Long Waveform Memory ? 4 kpts/Ch or 9 kpts/Ch (18 kpts interleaved)
Advanced Triggering? Edge, Pulse Width, Video, Slope (Rise Time)
Multi-language User Interface and Context Sensitive Help
Long memory and capture time with up to 10kpts/ch (20 kpts interleaved)
Mathematical capabilities including add, subtract, multiply, divide and FFT
32 automated measurement parameters including advanced timing parameters ? competitive products offer only 11 or 20
Large internal waveform and setup storage
4 math functions plus FFT
USB host and device connections for printers, memory sticks and PC remote

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