Tektronix P7513 Oscilloscope 13 GHz Tri Mode Probe

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Tektronix P7513 Oscilloscope 13 GHz Tri Mode Probe.  No accessories included.

Product Overview
The P7513 is a 13 GHz probe providing one setup for three measurements without adjusting probe tip connections. Differential, Single Ended and Common Mode measurements can be accomplished using only one probe.

Additional Features:

TriMode – One Setup, Three Measurements Without Adjusting Probe Tip Connections

  • Differential
  • Single-ended
  • Common Mode (Requires only One Probe vs. Conventional Probing Techniques)
  • Bandwidth: >13 GHz (typical)
  • Risetime 10% - 90%: <40 ps (guaranteed)
  • Risetime 20% - 80%: <28 ps (typical)


  • Examples Include, But Are Not Limited to:
  • PCI-Express II, Serial ATA III, DDRII, FB-DIMM, Rambus, XAUI, 2*XAUI

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