Lecroy HFP2500 Active Probe, 2.5GHz FET

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Lecroy HFP2500 Active Probe, 2.5GHz FET

Product Overview

The HFP2500 is a 2.5 GHz active probe from LeCroy.

Bandwidth (probe only): 2.5 GHz
Input Capacitance: 0.7 pF
DC Input Resistance: 100 k Ω
Input Dynamic Range: ±8 V
Probe Offset Range: ±12 V
Attenuation Accuracy: ±1%
Output Zero: < 4 mV, referred to input
Offset Accuracy: ±1%, ±4 mV, referred to input
5 Interchangeable Tips for Probing a Variety of Test Points
Replaceable Probe Tip Socket
Hands-Free Probing with FreeHand Probe Holder
AutoColor ID Feature Matches the Probe Color to the Trace Color
General Characteristics

Cable Length: 1.3 m
Probe Head Size: 61 mm (L) x 7.3 mm (W) x 13.1 mm (H)
Input Sockets: Signal and ground sockets compatible with 0.025" (0.635 mm) square pins, 0.036" (.91 mm) maximum diameter (for round pins)

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