Agilent 53181A 12.4 GHz RF Counter - 10 digit/s, Opt none

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Agilent 53181A 12.4 GHz RF Counter - 10 digit/s, Opt none

Product Overview

The Agilent 53181A high-performance counter give you fast, precise frequency measurements at an affordable price. These counters feature an intuitive user interface and one-button access to frequently used functions so you can make accurate measurements quickly and easily.

Optimized for RF applications, the single-channel 10 digit/s 53181A measures frequency, period and peak voltage. A digit-blanking function lets you easily eliminate unnecessary digits when you want to read measurements quickly. For higher-frequency measurements, choose an optional second channel that provides measurements up to 1.5, 3, 5, or 12.4 GHz. A self-guided shallow menu makes this counter exceptionally easy to use.

The Agilent 53181A counter captures precise frequency and time measurements. IntuiLink software allows that data to be put to work easily. You work in a familiar environment at all times, using PC applications such as Microsoft Excel or Word to analyze, interpret, display, print, and document the data you get from the counter. It gives you the flexibility to configure and run tests from your PC making data gathering more convenient.

Frequency range DC coupled: DC to 225 MHz; AC coupled 1 to 225 MHz (50 Ω); 30 Hz to 225 MHz (1 MΩ)
FM tolerance: 25%
Voltage range and sensitivity (Sinusoid): 2 DC to 100 MHz 20 mVrms to ± 5 V AC + DC; 100 to 200 MHz 30 mVrms to ± 5 V AC + DC; 200 to 225 MHz 40 mVrms to ± 5 V AC + DC (all specified at 75 mVrms with option rear connectors)
Voltage range and sensitivity (Single-shot pulse): 2 4.5 to 10 ns pulse width 100 mVpp to 10 Vpp (150 mVpp with optional rear connectors)
> 10 ns pulse width: 50 mVpp to 10 Vpp (100 mVpp with optional rear connectors)
Trigger level: Range ± 5.125 V
Accuracy: ± (15 mV + 1% of trigger level)
Resolution: 5 mV
Damage level: 50 Ω 5 Vrms
0 to 3.5 kHz, 1 MΩ: 350 VDC + AC pk
3.5 to 100 kHz, 1 MΩ: 350 VDC + AC pk linearly derated to 5 Vrms
> 100 kHz, 1 MΩ: 5 Vrms
Measurements include frequency, frequency ratio (with optional channel 2), period and peak voltage
Automated limit tests and one-button measurement setups for fast, easy operation
10 digits/second resolution
Built-in statistics feature lets you simultaneously measure average, min/max, and standard deviation

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