Fluke 792A-7002 AC/DC Transfer Standard 1000 V/1000V Range Resistor

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Fluke 792A-7002 AC/DC Transfer Standard 1000 V/1000V Range Resistor ONLY

Product Overview

The 792A is an ultra-high accuracy AC/DC Thermal Transfer Standard, designed to meet the most demanding ac traceability requirements. Using the patented Fluke Calibration RMS sensor and thin film range resistors, the 792A offers an extraordinary transfer accuracy, with total uncertainties of as low as ±10 ppm (±5 ppm from the National Institute of Standards and Technology or NIST). The 792A also provides a wide voltage range of 2 mV to 1000V, and a wide frequency range of 10 Hz to 1 MHz.

The Fluke Calibration solid-state RMS sensor also provides the 792A with remarkable temperature stability and fast settling time. Now you can be ready to make measurements in 30 seconds instead of 30 minutes. To simplify the transfer process, the 792A's 2V output permits you to use a high-resolution digital multimeter rather than a null meter.

The 792A is designed to support the calibration of the most accurate ac instruments in your standards lab workload, including calibrators like the Fluke Calibration 5700A/5720A, voltmeters like the Fluke Calibration 8506A or the HP 3458A, and ac measurement standards like the Fluke Calibration 5790A.

The 792A consists of four units. The Transfer Unit is the main analog component of the 792A for the 20 mV to 220V ranges. Stainless Steel Type-N connectors assure low signal loss and high measurement repeatability. The separate Power Pack unit permits the Transfer Unit and 1000V Range Resistor to be shipped independently for calibration. The 1000V Range Resistor isolates the heat generated at high voltages outside the main Transfer Unit. The Range Resistor has a low temperature coefficient, stabilizes quickly and exhibits small ac/dc differences. The Transfer Switch provides for switching between the ac and dc inputs.

Each 792A is shipped from the factory traceable to national standards. Each 792A also includes a table of correction factors and uncertainties for measured ac/dc differences.

A40 and A40A support ac current transfer measurements. An optional 792A-7004 Adapter is required..

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