Fluke 2635A Fluke Data Logger w/ universal input module

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Fluke 2635A Fluke Data Logger w/ universal input module

Product Overview

The Fluke 2635A is a Data Logger from Fluke. Data loggers, or data recorders, collect information over time for a variety of purposes. A data logger uses internal memory and sensors to gather and document information on a 24-hour basis. Receive an accurate and comprehensive picture of the environmental conditions you’re monitoring as the device logs this information around the clock. Use data logging to measure temperature, humidity, wind speed, solar radiation, soil moisture levels, road traffic, tank levels, and a number of other elements.

Additional Features: 

  • Channel Capacity: Analog Inputs: 21; Digital I/O & Alarm Outputs: 12 total; Totalizer: 1
  • Measurement:
    • DC Voltage Range: 300mV - 300/150V
    • DC Voltage Resolution: 10µV - 100mV
    • Resistance: 300 ohms to 10 Mohms
    • Resistance Resolution: 10 Mohms to Kohms
    • AC Voltage (True RMS, AC coupled): 300mV to 300/150V; 10µV to 100 mV
  • Thermocouples: Type J, K, N, E, T, R, S, B, C
  • 2625A Data Storage: stores 2047 scans
  • 2635A Data Storage (in scans): 2047
  • RTD (Pt 100):
    • Resolution Slow: 0.02 °C (temp)
    • Resolution Fast: 0.1 °C (temp)
  • Frequency:
    • Range: 15 Hz - 1 MHz
    • Resolution: 0.01 Hz - 1 kHz

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