Agilent E5255A 24 (8 x 3) CH Multiplexer for E5250A Mainframe, #1

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-Agilent E5255A 24 (8 x 3) CH Multiplexer for E5250A Mainframe, #1

Product Overview
The Agilent E5255A 24 (8×3) Channel Multiplexer is a 2-input to 24-output multiplexer card for the E5250A. The E5255A consists of 3 blocks (three 2×8 multiplexers). So, one E5255A can be configured as a 2×8 multiplexer, 2×16 multiplexer, or 2×24 multiplexer. "2-input" means one BIAS input and one IV input.

The E5255A is designed for semiconductor device reliability testing which needs to automatically scan instrument input/output for many DUTs.

A maximum of four E5255As can be installed in the E5250A, which can use the multiplexers in several configurations. For example, the E5250A can configure twelve 8-output multiplexers, six 16-output multiplexers, four 24-output multiplexers, three 32-output multiplexers, two 48-output multiplexers, or one 96-output multiplexer.

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