Agilent 34420A nanoVolt/micro-ohm meter, 7.5 digit

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Agilent HP 34420A nanoVolt/micro-ohm meter, 7.5 digit

Product Overview
The Agilent 34420A is a Micro Ohmmeter from Agilent. Micro ohmmeters take low-resistance measurements of a device’s electrical resistance, or resistance to an electric current. Micro ohmmeters collect information in ohms, the measure of electrical resistance. With a micro ohmmeter, engineers can document, analyze, and log the contact resistance of devices, such as rail/pipeline bonds, aircraft frame bonds, circuit breakers, and switch breakers.

7 ½ digits resolution
100 pV / 100 nOhm sensitivity
1.3 nVrms / 8 nVpp noise performance
Built-in low noise 2 channel scanners
3 low power, dry circuit testing built-in resistance functions
Direct SPRT, RTD, Thermistor, and Thermocouple measurements
SCPI and Keithley 181 languages

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