Agilent E3617A DC Power Supply 60W, 60V, 1A

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Agilent E3617A DC Power Supply 60W, 60V, 1A

Product Overview

The Agilent HP E3617A is great when you need a hefty power supply for your bench with clean, stable power. The flexible E3617A 60-watt, single-range power supplies can be used as either voltage or current sources. When output terminal voltage increases to a preset shut-down level, an overvoltage protection circuit disables the output to protect the device under test (DUT) from damage. The overvoltage protection feature is easily monitored and adjusted from the front panel. Using remote sensing capability, these instruments automatically compensate for voltage drop in the load leads, so you get accurate voltage at the DUT.

You can combine multiple units in auto-parallel, auto-series and auto tracking configurations for greater output voltage or current capacity. Front and rear output terminals allow flexible configuration. Output voltage and current can be controlled with external 0- to10-volt analog voltage or variable resistance.

Additional Features:

  • Voltage: 0-60V
  • Current: 0-1A
  • 60W Single output
  • 10 turn voltage and current adjust potentiometers
  • Auto-parallel, Auto-series and Auto-tracking operation
  • Front and rear output terminals
  • Constant voltage (CV) and Constant current (CC) modes
  • Overvoltage protection, remote analog programming and remote sensing

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