Agilent 16048A LCR Meter Test Leads

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Agilent 16048E Test Leads (Test Fixture), for use with the 4263B, 4284A, and E4980A

Product Overview

The 16048A consists of a direct attachment, 4-terminal pair type fixture which is equipped with four BNC (m) terminated-coaxial test leads. These test leads are used to attach user-fabricated test fixtures. DC bias levels of up to ±40V can be applied to the 16048A.

The 16048A has inherent stray capacitance, residual inductance, and residual resistance that affect the accuracy of measured values. To compensate for, or negate, these residuals to minimize measurement error, the instrument’s Open/Short compensation procedure should be performed. The procedure is given in the instrument’s operating manual.

Additional Features:

  • Test Lead (BNC Connector, with BNC Connector Board)
  • Function: For use with 4 terminal-pair LCR Meters and Impedance Analyzers.
  • Connector Type: BNC male
  • Cable Length: Approximately 1m
  • Maximum Voltage: ± 40V peak max. (AC+DC)
  • Weight: 315 g
  • Safety Standards: EN61010-1:1993 +A2:1995; IEC61010-1:1990 +A1:1992 +A2:1995; CSA C22.2 No.1010.1:1992
  • Installation Category: I
  • Pollution Degree: 2
  • Indoor Use

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