Rental Equipment

In addition to an outstanding sales program we also offer rental services for full sales flexibility. Almost every item in our extensive inventory is available for rent, thereby offering you a virtually endless supply of rental options. All equipment rented from us comes completely calibrated with full NIST traceability and a warranty against failure. You can rent equipment with confidence, knowing that your rental is backed by our knowledgeable and professional service department who stands ready to answer your questions and assist you with any technical problems you may incur.


Why Rent From US:

Month-to-Month Rental
1-36 Month Terms for long or short term projects. All our rentals include maintenance and calibration.
Offers 24 to 60 month Capital Leases on new and refurbished equipment. Flexible, customize lease programs available. Simple and quick, low down payment, low monthly, tax benefits, avoid budget constraints.

Rental Process:
Unit Prep
Your unit is freshly calibrated and outfitted with any required accessories.
Packaging & Shipment
The unit is properly packed for transit. It is vital to ensure your equipment is properly packed to ensure safe shipment.
Customer Support
While the rental is in your hands we are available for technical assistance in setup and troubleshooting any issue you may have.
Return Unit
When you are done with your rental ship it back to us in the box it came in with all included accessories and that is that.
Rental Terms:
Our rental terms and conditions are fairly standard as far as rental of electronic test and measurement equipment is concerned. Please ask for the rental agreement.