Tektronix DG2020A Data Generator 200 Mbps, #2

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Tektronix DG2020A Data Generator 200 Mbps, #2

Product Overview

The Tektronix DG2020A is a Data Generator from Tektronix. Data signal generators are electronic test equipment that generates non-repeating or repeating signals. Engineers use data signal generators for a variety of applications, including the design, test, troubleshooting, and repair of electronic devices as well as for some artistic uses.

Additional Features:

  • Data Rate to: 200 Mb/s
  • Data Pattern Depth 64 K/channel Speeds Characterization
  • Multiple Output Channels Increases Flexibility
  • Precise Control of Output Parameters Include: Variable Output Delay, Variable Output Level, Tri-state Output Control
  • Transition Times 2 ns at 5 V
  • Flexible Sequence Control with Jump, Event and Nested Loops
  • Large Display for Easy-to-Use Data Editing
  • Import Pattern Data with DG-link Software Utility
  • Integrate into ATE Systems via GPIB/RS-232-C Interface


  • Low Jitter for Clock Substitution
  • Characterize Device Timing
  • Simulate Missing Functions in System or Subsystem Evaluation
  • Create Complex Data Patterns with Sophisticated Sequence, Looping, Jump on Event and Tri-state Output Control
  • Characterize and Verify ASIC, FPGA and DACs
  • Test Printer Engines or LCD Display Drivers
  • Construct Logic Verification Systems Utilizing Tektronix Oscilloscopes or Logic Scopes
  • Use in Conjunction with TLA Logic Analyzer to Provide Digital Stimulus

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