Tektronix AWG610 Arbitrary Waveform Generator , 2.6 GS/s, Opt 10

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Tektronix AWG610 Arbitrary Waveform Generator , 2.6 GS/s, Opt 10

Product Overview

The Tektronix AWG610 is an Arbitrary Waveform Generator from Tektronix. An arbitrary waveform generator (AWG) is a type of electronic test equipment people use to generate repetitive or single-shot electrical waveforms. Single-shot waveforms require a triggering source, either internal or external, while repetitive waveforms do not. Inject the signal the waveform generator creates into a device for analysis during testing, finding problems with the device, or confirming proper operation.

Additional Features:

  • Waveform Length – 512 to 8,100,032 points in multiples of eight.
  • Sequence Length – 1 to 8,000 steps.
  • Sequence Repeat Counter – 1 to 65,536 or infinite.
  • Sample Rate to 2.6 GS/s Tests High-speed Devices and Subsystems
  • Output Bandwidths Available to Over 800 MHz
  • Record Length to 8 M Words for Longest Signal Playtimes
  • Vertical Resolution 8 Bits for Precise Signal Replication
  • Channel 1 and Complementary Output
  • Marker Output 2 per Channel, Variable and Complementary for Mixed Signals
  • 400 fs Resolution Edge Shift Control for Greater Timing Precision
  • Direct Waveform Transfers from DSO
  • File Transfers from GPIB, Floppy Disk, or 10 Base-T Ethernet
  • On-Screen Waveform Creation and Editing for Ease-of-Use
  • Arbitrary or Standard Waveform Generation for Flexible Use
  • Unique Real-Time Sequencing Effectively Extends Records for Virtually Infinite Record Lengths
  • Programmable via GPIB and 10 Base-T Ethernet
  • Built-in Hard Drive for Mass Data Storage


  • Disk Drive Read/Write Design and Test
  • Communications Design and Test
  • Pulse Generation
  • Real-world simulations

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