Sencore PR570 model Powerite II Variable Isolation Transformer

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Sencore PR570 model Powerite II Variable Isolation Transformer

Product Overview

The PR570 is a analyzer from Sencore. The PR570 lets you know that your AC power is right and includes a variable isolated 470 Watt power transformer to isolate your AC line and vary the output voltage from 0 to 150 volts. You'll monitor voltage, current, and wattage to prove that the equipment under test isn't drawing too much current at any voltage setting. 

  • Features:

    • It's an isolation transformer
    • It's a variable AC supply
    • It's a power line monitor
    • It's an smp/watt meter
    • It's a safety leakage tester


    Isolated Output

    • Voltage 0-140 VAC (typical) continuously variable. Current 0-3 Amps continuous, 3-4 Amps intermittent usage (five minutes on, five minutes off).

    Meter Clrcuits

    • Range: 470 Watts
    • LineVoltage: 0-150VAC +3% F.S. Output
    • Watage: 0-150 VAC, +3% F.S. Output
    • Current: ranges 0-1.5,O-4 AAC. 
    • Accuracy: 3 F.S. 
    • Output Wattage: ranges 0-175,O-470 watts. 
    • Method: V x amps. 
    • Saletv Leakage test fU.5. (Patent no. 4,35i,058) - Range: 0-800 uA. 3% F.S.

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