Keithley 2602 Dual Channel Sourcemeter SMU, 40V, 3A, 40W

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Keithley 2602 Dual Channel Sourcemeter SMU, 40V, 3A, 40W

Product Overview

The Keithley 2602 SourceMeter lets you make precision DC, pulse, and low frequency AC source-measure tests faster, easier, and more economically than ever before. The Keithley 2602 packs twice the source-measure channel density of the Model 2601 in the same size enclosure, so you can configure multi-channel systems in very little rack space. Each 40W, 3A channel is electrically isolated to ensure high measurement integrity and wiring flexibility


  • TSP-Link allows connection of multiple 2600 series instruments in a master/slave config allowing unlimited scalability
  • On-board Test Script Processor processes and runs complex sequences from the instrument - gives you up to 10X greater throughput
  • allows creation of custom measurement functions for components such as varistors, diodes and BJTs/FETs, or algorithm based tests like I-V sweeps with power compliance, linearity and latch-up test sequences, and thermal response tests.
  • Store up to 50,000 lines of TSP code and more than 200,000 readings in 16MB of nonvolatile memory.
  • Measure I and V simultaneously on each channel at >10,000 readings/s. Execute a full source-measure cycle on any channel in just 200µs
  • Ensure repeatable timing and high throughput with the high speed auto-ranging function.
  • GPIB, RS-232 and 14-bit digital I/O interface ports are standard
  • Current measure range (per channel) 1pA to 3A
  • Current source range (per channel) 5pA to 3A
  • Basic current programming accuracy 0.03%
  • Basic current measurement accuracy 0.02%
  • Voltage measure range (per channel) 1µV to 40V
  • Voltage source range (per channel) 5µV to 40V
  • Basic voltage programming accuracy 0.02%
  • Basic voltage measurement accuracy 0.015%
  • Readings to memory 10,000/s
  • Sweep source change and reading to memory 5,500/s
  • Sweep source change and reading to GPIB 3,600/s
  • Spot readings to GPIB 1,100/s
  • Spot source change and reading to GPIB 880/s
  • Pulse capability 200µs minimum source/measure pulse

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