Keithley 2602B Dual Channel Sourcemeter SMU, 40V, 3A, 40W

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Keithley 2602B Dual Channel Sourcemeter SMU, 40V, 3A, 40W

Product Overview

The Series 2600B System SourceMeter SMU Instruments are the industry’s leading current/voltage source and measure solutions, and are built from Keithley’s 3rd generation SMU technology. The Series 2600B offers single- and dual-channel models that combine the capabilities of a Precision Power Supply, true Current Source, 6-1/2 digit DMM, Arbitrary Waveform Generator, Pulse Generator, and Electronic Load – all into one tightly integrated instrument. The result is a powerful solution that significantly boosts productivity in applications ranging from bench-top I/V characterization through highly-automated production test. For bench-top use, Series 2600B instruments feature built-in, Java-based software that enables plug & play I/V testing through any browser, on any computer, from anywhere in the world. For automated system applications, the Series 2600B’s Test Script Processor (TSP) runs complete test programs from inside the instrument for industry-best throughput. In larger, multi-channel applications, Keithley’s TSP-Link technology works together with TSP to enable high-speed, SMU-per-pin parallel testing. Because Series 2600B SourceMeter SMU Instruments have fully isolated channels that do not require a mainframe, they can be easily re-configured and redeployed as your test applications evolve.

-Dual-channel System SourceMeter Instrument (3A DC, 10A Pulse)
-40V, 3A, 40W Dual channel model with 80W power output
-Tightly-integrated, 4-quadrant voltage/current source and measure instruments offer best in class performance with 6 ½ digit resolution
-Built-in, Java-based test software enables true plug & play I/V characterization and test through any browser.
-TSP (Test Script Processing) technology embeds complete test programs inside the instrument for best-in class system-level throughput
-TSP-Link expansion technology for multi-channel parallel test without a mainframe
-Software emulation for Keithley’s Model 2400 SourceMeter SMU Instrument
USB 2.0, LXI-C, GPIB, RS-232, and digital I/O interfaces
-Power supply: 100 V to 240 V AC, 50 Hz or 60 Hz (auto sensing), 240 VA maximum

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