Fluke 525A Temperature/Pressure Calibrator

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-Fluke 525A Temperature/Pressure Calibrator

Product Overview
The 525A is a compact bench instrument well suited for traditional calibration laboratories with a large temperature workload. Its 0-100V output and 0-100 mA current capabilities — plus its ability to serve as a highly-accurate pressure standard, make it a versatile performer.

The Fluke 525A Temperature/Pressure Calibrator gives you a workhorse combination of high accuracy and broad functionality for temperature and pressure instrument calibration.

Compact and economical, the 525A has an interface for automated calibration, providing wide workload coverage in instrument shops and calibration labs, as well as in ATE applications.

Simulates and measures all ANSI thermocouples, as well as L and U types, and provides cold junction compensation to enable calibration of a wide variety of thermocouple instrumentation.
Direct input for storage of ITS-90 RTD constants for highly accurate simulation and measurement of RTD probes.
Direct measurement of all Fluke 700 Series and model 525A-P pressure modules covering the most common pressure ranges from 0-1" H20 to 0-10,000 PSI.
Converts easily to any pressure unit directly from the front panel or through remote communications.
Sources DC voltage and current for multifunction workload coverage, enabling calibration of data loggers, strip chart recorders, multimeters, and other industrial instruments.
Supports automation using Fluke’s MET/CAL®Plus Calibration Management Software or custom automated programs with standard RS-232-C or optional GPIB interface.
Eight user programmable setpoints allow quick recall of values for Zero, Span and linearity checks during calibration.
Programmable setpoint dwell times for automated calibration and troubleshooting.
Selectable internal or external CJC (Cold junction compensation) provides you with the ability to make exacting thermocouple measurements using remote junctions.
Easy five-way binding posts for low-loss convenient hookup. Banana plug, screw terminal, spade lug, wraparound terminal, wire pass-through terminal.

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