Fluke 6101A Electrical Power Standard, Auxiliary unit w/ 6100A-80 Amp Output Booster

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Fluke 6101A Electrical Power Standard, Auxiliary unit w/ 6100A-80 Amp Output Booster.  Please note the main Fluke 6100A will not be included in this sale.

Product Overview

The importance of accurate measurement of power and energy has increased dramatically over a relatively short period of time. Deregulation and the increasingly distributed nature of the power supply network mean that measurements are made more frequently, and a higher degree of accuracy is required as previously acceptable levels of error begin to compound.

At the same time, the environment in which these measurements are being made is becoming increasingly hostile to good measurement practice. Harmonic distortion, voltage fluctuations, phase imbalances and other extraneous, re-injected signal components provide an alien environment for measurement devices designed to operate primarily on sinusoidal signals.

Additionally, many new measurement and instrument types have arisen in an attempt to fully characterize network performance, and the nature of the product delivered – electricity. Flicker and harmonic measurements are becoming as commonplace as power factor measurements were a few years ago, and even more complex measurements such as inter-harmonics are now relatively routine.

Against this turbulent change, little progress has been made in the verification of these measurements. Instruments to be used to measure and report precise parameters on power lines carrying significantly distorted, noisy and fluctuating voltages are verified and calibrated under laboratory conditions. Pure, noise free, leveled sinusoidal voltages and currents are still routinely applied as reference signals.

In the field of new measurements and new instrument types, the situation is even worse. Some of the more complex measurements have few standards or protocols which define precisely how they should be made, and there are no real solutions to the problems of how to verify the measurement, or how to calibrate the instrument making it. Perhaps it’s unsurprising that different measurement techniques and different instruments yield different results on what is ostensibly the same measurement, or that measurement traceability often stops at the manufacturer.

Predictably, concern is increasing globally about the acceptability of this situation.

Against this background, Fluke has developed the 6100A Electrical Power Standard.

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