Audio Precision APX525 Audio Analyzer, Analog and Digital, 2 Channel, Opt Dio, DSio, PDM

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Audio Precision APX525 Audio Analyzer, Analog and Digital, 2 Channel, Opt Dio, DSio, PDM.  This unit has a ding in the back corner (see photos).

Product Overview

The Audio Precision APx525 audio analyzers combines an award-winning user interface and legendary performance with a comprehensive range of modular I/O options. The APx525 ships with two channels of analog I/O and our Digital Interface Option (DIO) with AES/SPDIF digital inputs and outputs, and includes ASIO capability. If you need more than that, APx525 is ready with a full range of choices, from additional channels of analog to a chip-level digital serial interface (DSIO), HDMI+ARC, PDM (Pulse Density Modulation) or Bluetooth® wireless technology with built-in radio.

With its redesigned software platform, the powerful Audio Precision APx525 Audio Analyzer Series provides never-before-seen flexibility and usability. Across all measurements, the APx UI is fast and intuitive. Just click to select a measurement, then click to add a filter. Drag limits to set pass/fail points right on the results graph. Effortlessly specify computations for derived results. The APx generator can output steady tones, twin tones, sweeps, chirps, multitones or play WAV files as arbitrary waveforms. Repetitive bench tests and production testing can easily be automated with the built-in measurement sequencer and saved as a project that can be used with the Audio Precision APx525 analyzer.


Features of the AUDIO PRECISION APX525 Audio Analyzer Include:

• 2 analog input channels 
• AES/SPDIF digital I/O
• Typical THD+N < -110 dB [with AG52 option]
• > 1 MHz bandwidth @ 24 bits on two channels [with BW52 option]
• 1.2 M point FFTs
• Use Sequence Mode or new Bench Mode for ultimate flexibility and control
• Powerful automation and sophisticated reporting
• Support for the complete range of APx digital I/O options


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