Agilent B2981A Femto/Picoammeter, 0.01fA

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-Agilent B2981A Femto/Picoammeter, 0.01fA
-Power cable

Product Overview
The Agilent/Keysight Technologies B2981A 6 1/2-digit Femto / Picoammeter, 0.01 fA to 20 mA, 2 pA, Refurbished not only offers best-in-class measurement performance, but also provides unprecedented features to maximize your measurement confidence. The B2981A offers 0.01 fA (10-17 A) minimum current resolution, which meets virtually all existing and future low-level current measurement needs.

The Keysight B2981A possesses a 4.3 inch color LCD-based graphical user interface (GUI) that provides multiple options for viewing data. In addition to numeric format, data can also be viewed as a graph, as a histogram and as a trend chart. These unique front-panel capabilities facilitate the capture of transient behavior and provide the ability to make quick statistical analyses without the need for a PC. The B2981A also has features to help you maintain measurement integrity on the external cabling and fixturing. In addition to these impressive measurement capabilities, the B2981A has easy-to-use and convenient measurement assist functions that permit users with limited or no electrical engineering training to perform complicated electrical characterization operations with ease.

0.01 fA minimum measurement resolution
< 20 μV burden voltage in its lowest current range
High speed reading rate up to 20,000/s
Measurement ranges with 6.5 digits resolution
Graphical viewing modes (Meter, Graph, Histogram and Roll View)
Easy-to-use auto navigation to select optimal range and aperture
Versatile interface (USB 2.0: LAN, GPIB, LXI Core)
USB (front): store data, save/recall setup information

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