Agilent 8164A Lightwave Measurement System

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Agilent 8164A Lightwave Measurement System

Product Overview

The Agilent 8164A is a used Lightwave Measurement System Mainframe that supports a whole range of tunable laser modules and all modules of the Agilent 8153A and Agilent 8163A Lightwave Multimeter series.


Connectivity to a wide range of controlling equipment through GPIB, RS-232C and PC Card interface.
Configurable hardware input and output trigger ports complete the Agilent 8164A's ability to operate in an automated test environment
System consists of the Agilent 81640A Tunable Laser Source, Agilent 81536A Optical Sensor, Agilent 81618A Interface Module & Agilent 81624B Optical Head (not included)

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