California Instruments 1251P AC Voltage Source 0-270VAC

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California Instruments 1251P AC Voltage Source 0-270VAC, model: 1251P-232

Product Overview

With European and US outlet sockets to connect the load, the California Instruments 1251P portable programmable AC power sources are ideal for a wide variety of applications. Universal input allows use anywhere in the world to provide a convenient source of variable utility power for the testing and evaluation of domestic and commercial equipment. All common line voltage and frequency combinations are covered. Traditional Variac tests can be automated using the 1251P Series AC sources.

The frequency range of the California Instruments 1251P covers 500 Hz, making these products ideal for commercial and defense avionics applications. The output frequency can be varied from 16 Hz up to 500 Hz to cover both avionics and utility power applications. All models offer two output voltage ranges, 135 VRMS L-N and 270 VRMS L-N, maximizing the current at the required voltage. The current measurement function eliminates the need for an external current shunt or transformer. All functions of the 1251P AC power source are contained in a single convenient and easily portable package, which can be most useful in production and on-site applications.

AC Power 1250VA
Voltage Low/High 0-135V/0-270V
Frequency 16-500Hz
Peak Current Low/High 27.6A/13.8A
Power Factor >0.95 Typical

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